Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I LOVE Travel!!

This past year, Jeff & I bought an Online Travel Store we call Butler's One Stop Travel Shop. I have always dreamed of traveling the world! Jeff & I look forward to living these dreams together & with our family! We also are grateful for another stream of income & hope to build it up to the point that Jeff can come off the truck & be home with us!

We are excited to be booking a Caribbean group cruise for Feb. 8-15, 2009, that will be available to everyone-the general public-on our
website in a week or so on the "Groups" tab listed as "A YTB Love Boat" with as low as a $25 reservation fee per person! Check out our site and tell all your friends & family! It will be a blast to see all of you there! Feel free to call me any time! Let us help you with ALL your travel needs!

Make requests & I'll keep an eye out for the best deals on what you are looking for!

It would be great if you would add me to add my "Travel" blog to your list on your blog!

ASK me how you can earn a complimentary week stay at a resort, or a 4-5 night Carnival cruise (with a $39 a night port fee)!